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Power Wheel


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The Power Wheel was designed to challenge the entire body to stabilize while moving. Because of its unique patented design, you can put your feet into the Power Wheel or your hands so you can perform unlimited core exercises.

The Power wheel will strengthen your abs and back. So if you are just looking to get into shape, or you need to be able to control your opponent on the ground and at the same time need to be able to absorb kicks and punches to your mid section, then the Power Wheel is your route to take.

Seriously, if you add this product to your regular training...You are going to be cut!  The Power Wheel will build your arms, chest, back and abs.  Becareful, you will feel it the next day!
Where does it train:
  • Engage your core by forcing it to stabilize the upper and lower body together (stationary or dynamically)
  • Train full body stability, strength, endurance and even POWER!
Also Included with the Power Wheel:

  • The Power Wheel comes complete with 14" wheel (solidly constructed with foot pedals and extended foam cushioned axle to accomodate both hands and feet)
  • Velcro toe fasteners and latex looped heel fasteners
  • Instruction manual
Strengthen your core by forcing it to stabilize the upper and lower body together (stationary or dynamically)

This item, next to our Power Punch is our most popular.

Powerwheel Ab Workout
Power Wheel
Workout your abs with a Power Wheel
Click on an image to enlarge
Starting position for Ab Roll Outs
You won't find a tougher ab workout than this!
Work all parts of your abs with the power wheel
Complete Ab workout. Core Strength!
Straps secure your feet on the power wheel

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