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FighterTrainer :: Power Training :: Resistance Training Cables - Stretch Bands

Resistance Training Cables - Stretch Bands


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This cable package is the most awesome means to working out on the market.  Anything you can do on a workout machine, you can do with our cables.  They are safer than dumbbells, and give better resistance through your complete rep, where a machine does not.



  • Ergonomically-designed handles add comfort and make the handles easy to work with
  • Cables are interchangeable allowing one to change from light to medium to heavy by adding or removing different strength cables
  • Unlimited resistance levels can be achieved.
  • Progressive variable resistance (full range of motion) plugged cables both concentric/eccentric contraction

You can take and use your cables any place you want.  Wrap your cables around a pole for placed resistance, or use the door strap attachment that comes with your cables.  You can insert the door strap into a door hinge, and hook your cables to the door strap, and you are set to workout.


There are hundreds of workouts available with the use of our resistance cables.  MMA Fighters use our cables for punching drills, along with shooting drills for takedowns.


Power Resistance Cable Package Includes

  • Set of Triple Grip Handles that hold up to three cables at once.
  • Door attachment strap.  Strap inserts into closed door hinge, hook cables through it and you now have a workout station that gives you placed resistance.
  • One 10lb Cable
  • One 20lb Cable
  • One 40lb Cable
  • One 70lb Cable

The max Resistance you can get from the cables provided in our package is 130 lb.  Using the Yellow, Magenta, and Purple cables at once.

Work your arms, back, abs, and chest with the most advanced resistance cables available.  Build your own resistance.  Adding cables gives you more resistance.

The handles hold up to three cables.  So if you have three 40 lb cables in the handles, you now have 120 lb of resistance.  You can go all the way up to 210 lbs with three 70 lb cables.

With competition as fierce as it is today in the MMA world, what are you doing to set yourself apart from others?  Fightertrainer.com offers unique, MMA training equipment.  Along with the great equipment, we have also been able to make it more affordable for all fighters.  We've given you the gear, the pricing...now, the rest is up to you.

Additional Resistance Cables are available.  Triple Grip Handles can also be purchased separate.

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Strengthen your Punching Power, and hand speed with Resistance Training.
Increase your hand speed.
Improve your punching power with a resisted follow through.
Keep your punches tight with resistance from the cables.
Repeated punching drills will quickly break you down, giving you an awesome cardio workout with strength training for your arms.
Add strength to your cross with resistance bands.
Use a partner for punching drills.
Work your hands while using the cables for a great cardio workout.
Resistance cables are great for a complete ab and back workout.
Anything you can do in a gym, you can do with our Resistance Cables. Including a great back and ab workout.
Swim, and work your back and shoulders.
Full resistance when working out. You can't get it any place else!
Gain Strength and use the resistance cables to complete your training.
Shoulder and back workout. We offer full workouts, without even leaving your home.
Insert the strap into the hinge of your door.
Pull tight, and you are ready to workout from any place with a door.
Solid chest workout. Shoulders back, elbows down, and chest out.
All excercises can be done right from a door any place. Even a chest press.
Build the strength you need to take your competition to the ground.
Finish strong. Start off light, and progress to heavier resistance.
The cable row will help work your back
A strong back will help you take your opponent to the mat.
Cable assisted abs.
Strong core will allow you to toss and roll your opponent.
Chest Flys. Keep a tight form. Shoulders back, elbows down, and chest out.
When finishing, make sure you hold your form the entire time. Cheating will get you whipped in the cage.
Cable resisted abs.
When working your abs, be sure to crunch the area you are working, and BREATHE OUT when crunching!
Pull downs are a great way to workout your back.
A strong back will assist you in handling your opponent on the ground, when the match turns into a wrestling match vs. stand up fight.
An unreal workout for your shoulders. Don't forget your shoulders.
Keep your arms and shoulders strong and tough, to help prevent injury.
Bicep curls. Keep proper form, and don't curl with your back...use your arms.
The wider the stance you use, the more resistance you will get from the cables.
Tricep extensions are a great way to bulk up your arms.
Add a little pop to your mma game, by increasing your arm strength.
Want to add a little harder resistance to your curls. Lay on the ground flat.
Remember to keep your triceps flat to the ground, and pop your biceps when you hit your curl.
Tricep kickbacks. The hardest and the toughest way to improve the look and strength of your triceps.
Complete to full extension and hold for a second. Sets of 10 work best. Your arms will grow with this workout.

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